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Les Invisibles:

Haiti; still a dream world; seat of Les Invisibles; "along the world axis, the empress lay sleeping sleeping, to the rhyme of the star clock; this world is their world; out of their need for an actor to play the roles to write history, they cause the birth of a modified child; he is - Imaginos."


rural New Hampshire; "the last chance border; childhood of the hero; singing songs nobody knew, and stories left undone."

Del Rio's Song:

"Del Rio's boat left New Orleans in 1829; along the Mississippi; Imaginos in his first role - adventurer, 'I've lived upon the edge of chance for 20 years or more';" the Spanish - Mexican Connection.

Blue Oyster Cult:

"left to die by two good friends; shipwreck of the expedition; dies and is resurrected by the cult; second intervention of Les Invisibles; just one deal is what we made...; voluntarily chooses to become agent of the invisible ones; joins their cult."

I Am The One You Warned Me Of:

"just call me Desdinova, I'm sure I'll be the lucky one when destiny assigns wisdom known to me, this starry wisdom...; absolute self knowledge; realization of the meaning of the deal; instrument of realization of the new world destiny."

The Siege And Investiture Of Baron Von Frankenstein's Castle At Weisseria:

the new destiny unleashed; in the heart of the American Rhineland; Promethean; will and ability to storm heaven; technology which is the future to serve the evermore; "a new drug... world without end."

In The Presence Of Another World:

"in the presence of another world/you guess the things unguessed in the fullness of another world there is no emptiness in the promise of another world a dreadful knowledge comes, how even in space will modulate and earthly things be done."


the rhythm of events on-rushing; the gallop of events in the saddle; the Invisibles visible at last and manifest; no mere hints or traces, but, their agent unleashed to forge a new destiny; he is Imaginos called Desdinova. Magna of Illusion.


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